Who you are now is not who you have to be.

When you were conceived, you came into being with the potential that that sperm and egg bestowed on you.  An extraordinary vault of possibilities that would, and will, define your emergence.   As long as you have life you will emerge according to which of your potentials you potentiate.  It is easy to consider that if you had gone to that school instead of this one, or had studied that instead of this, or had lived there instead of here, or had hooked up with that partner instead of this one, then your life would have been different.  It is more difficult to conceptualize that who you have become would also be different.  We experience ourselves is as if we exist as an invariable entity travelling through life.  It feels as if we have been travelling in the body rather than emerging with the body.  This is a trick of consciousness, who you are now is not who you would be had you developed different aspects of yourself.

Consider who you have become.  It’s not hard to remember why you have become who you have become.  All sorts of circumstances have defined who you have become.  You know what happened to you.   You can see what caused the good bits about you and what caused the bad bits about you.  The things is that so much of who you have become has been caused by what happened to you rather than determined by you in relation to who you want to become.  Share your thoughts about who you have become and then write about who you would like to become and consider how you can make that happen.

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