Creating you

Every single physical and psychological interaction you have had in your life has resulted in your becoming who you have become.  Consider Newton’s premise that for every action these is an equal and opposite reaction.  There is always a relationship between parts and in that relationship, the parts merge and emerge as different. Potentiation occurs when two objects merge.  Emergence is the synthesis or gestalt of the emerged property.

This understanding draws our attention to our conscious fields and where we place our attention.  What this means, for example, is that I am running resentments, then the focus of my attention is on the resentment and in that process I become more of a resentful person.  The amount of time I spend running the resentments and the intensity with which I run the resentful scripts will impact on the nature of me emerging as more resentful.

Consider the objects that usually absorb your attention,  This can be whatever you tend to attend to. Consciousness allows us the ability to be conscious of something and that ‘something,’ whatever it is, has a dynamic effect on our becoming.  It is worth taking time out to write about where you usually place your attention and consider whether or not that focus is helping you become who you want to become.  Conversely, consider how you might like to expand your conscious field be becoming aware of things that are outside your current remit.

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