Mind Management Mastery Programme

MMM Psychology Practice offers you a comprehensive treatment programme. We are a dedicated team of clinical psychologists determined to offer our clients the best services at minimal cost. Select any of the following components of the treatment programme.

Psychological Assessments

A detailed psychological assessment which tests for major psychological disorders, and looks at historical and psycho-social factors which impact on your mind and mood management. Funded by Medicare if you have a current mental health care plan, otherwise $130. These assessments are for clinical purposes only. For forensic assessments, price is negotiated with the psychologist.

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Individual Sessions  

50 minute, individual sessions with a Clinical Psychologist.  Sessions can be face to face, online or by phone. Funded by Medicare if you have a current mental health care plan, otherwise $140.

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Mind Management Mastery Online Course

Take one hour a week to focus on one aspect of mind management, design your practice for the week and set about training your brain to manage any psychological disorders, regulate your emotions, break bad habits and make the best use of your mind to harness your potential. $10 for the whole course.

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Mastery Group

Join a group of other individuals who are taking charge of their minds. Share your thoughts and ideas with them and hear how they are going.

Attending a group, at least once a month has huge effect of helping you stay engaged in managing your mental health. We often start off strong and then lose focus. By combining the MMM course with a regular group, you will significantly increase your ability to master your mind.

Funded by Medicare for up to ten groups if you have a current mental health care plan, otherwise $10 per group. Pay as you go.

Registration is essential for every group you plan to attend. There are no cancellation fees for non attendance.


Start Up and Stock Take

Start Up: Take a few moments every day to contemplate your day ahead.

Select targets with regard to how you want to manage the day in line with your values. A pdf of your Start Up will be emailed to you.

Stock Take: At the end of day come back and reflect on what actually happened and how you reacted. A pdf of your Stock Take will be emailed to you.

Cost: Free

Read the book

Ready for some serious reading? “Emergence,” unveils a profound philosophy built upon four foundations: Mind Management, Belonging, Freedom, and Expression. At its core lies Mind Management, the foundational key to unlocking the gates of personal growth and fulfilment. Through the pages of this book, embark on a voyage of mastering your mind, finding your place in the world, embracing the liberty to shape your destiny, enjoying the wonder of belonging and unleashing the unparalleled beauty of self-expression.

Further information

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