Mind Management Mastery Programme

Psychological Assessments

A detailed psychological assessment which tests for major psychological disorders, and looks at historical and psycho-social factors which impact on your mind and mood management.  Further psychological assessments are undertaken during therapy to monitor your progress.

Individual Sessions  

50 minute, individual sessions with a Psychologist.  Sessions can be face to face, online or by phone.

Group sessions

Up to ten group sessions a year. You are not alone!  Peer support is one of the most powerful aspects of therapy.

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Complete this form and we will contact you or ring 04 11 2424 58 to make your first appointment.


With a mental health care plan all of your sessions are bulk billed.  Medicare allows up to a maximum of 20 individual and 10 group sessions per calendar year.

Without a mental health care plan the fee is $138 per individual session with a Psychologist.  $30 per group. Pay as you go.  You are invoiced after each session.  Private health rebates may be available if  covered by your health insurance.

Contact us and get started. No credit cards details required.  

The way it works

  1.  Complete the online psychological assessment which helps us understand what is going on for you.  
  2. Attend your first session.
  3. Attend a group session (optional).

Further information

Please ring 04 11 2424 58 or feel free to email us at mindmanagementmastery@gmail.com

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