Anxiety is the gatekeeper of our lives

“…whoever is educated [by possibility] remains with anxiety”  Kierkegaard 1849.

Aim Anxiety Eros
Love someone Fear of rejection Joy of being connected
Accept a challenge Fear of failure Extend yourself
Admit failure Fear of ridicule Move on
Be present Rise in anxiety Alive
Forgive Fear of being hurt again Move on
Accept difference Fear of losing identity Become inclusive
Be vulnerable Fear of losing control Connect with being alive
Trust Fear of being hurt Increase networks

Anxiety is the gate keeper of our lives.  We have to go through it to live a life that is not ruled by it.  In order to be willing to go through that gate, however, we need to be confident that we can manage our anxiety.

Consider how the fear of rejection impacts your life giving examples of times when the fear of rejection make you anxious, giving examples of how you manage that anxiety,

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