Positive Constructive Prospecting


Step 1.  The potentials I want to develop today:

Doer:  Thorough, reliable, responsible, conscientious, hard-working, efficient, capable, competent, diligent, energetic, enterprising, focussed, industrious, determined, connected and inspired.

Lover:  Friendly, charming, extroverted, sociable, affectionate, likeable, considerate, charming, devoted, emotional, generous, gentle, passionate, patient, connected and inspired.

Carer:  Kind, tolerant, empathetic, generous, considerate, patient, helpful, obliging, warm-hearted, thoughtful, loyal, empowering, compassionate, connected and inspired.

Explorer:  Curious, enthusiastic, adventurous, energetic, daring, open-minded, brave, deliberate, connected and inspired.

Thinker:  Skeptical, analytical, intellectual, objective, innovative, serious, bright, logical, curious, open-minded, connected and inspired.

Athlete:  Energetic, disciplined, efficient, diligent, focussed, motivated, determined, powerful, connected and inspired.

Leader:  Decisive, motivator, direct, focussed, persuasive, inspiring, assertive, brave, confident, powerful, direct, persuasive, deliberate, empowering, motivated, connected and inspired.

Monkey:  Playful, fun, cheeky, impulsive, light hearted, risk-taker, amusing, cheerful, likeable, naughty, connected and inspired.

Artist:  Creative, imaginative, decorative, visual, colourful, inventive, innovative, connected and inspired.

Guru (teacher):  joyful, peaceful, positive, compassionate, serene, thoughtful, devoted, sincere, accepting, powerful, soulful, empowering, open-minded, patient, disinterested, honest, wise, centred, honest, humble, calm, connected and inspired.


Step 2.  The ARO’s I want to remove today:

Running fantasies





Using drugs,

Drinking alcohol,









Controlling people, places and/or things

Obsessions – counting, fixing, checking, cleaning

Chasing goals

Being nice

Computer games

Being right


Bad habits – chewing pens, biting nails, picking, fidgeting


Fixing – self, others and/or things




Step 3.  The problems I anticipate today and how I want to manage them:


Step 4.  My Power Activities:


Inspirational reading



Muscle relaxation


Martial Arts



Do something special for yourself

Organise your day


Connect with at least one other in a meaningful way

Be assertive

Do something fun

Slow down

Engage in something funny

Engage with someone fun

Engage in something inspiring

Engage in someone inspiring

Engage in some form of intimacy

Connect with a child

Smile a lot


Write a gratitude list

Take the pressure down

Give yourself a break

Listen to music

Practice mindfulness

Do something creative

Make something

Bake something

Enjoy a sensual pleasure, bath, create a lovely smell, feel the sun on your skin, touch someone you love, swim, see beauty.

Generate wonder

Generate joy

Engage in a team activity

Organise something

Rearrange something

Take yourself a lot less seriously

Take others a lot less seriously.


Join an empowering group of some sort.


Sing out loud





Step 5.  My plan for when and how I will implement my power activities into my day:



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Manage your Mind

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