Sigmund Freud proposed that human beings are motivated by two conflicting drives:  the life drive (Eros) and the death drive (Thanatos).  He did not develop these concepts very clearly, especially with regard to the notion that we have a a drive to die but building on these concepts, it is possible to see that we have two conflicting primary psychological drives.

The first drive is to protect ourselves and the second is to express ourselves.

Our drive to protect ourselves makes us want to withdraw, build our resources and live from behind our defences.  In effect we choose safety, or death, over life.

Clearly depression is associated with our drive to protect ourselves.  When we are depressed we withdraw into ourselves both physically and psychologically.  We hide from life, avoiding risk, rejection and failure.  We see life more negatively than it really is and we try not to care.  Even our energy levels drop and everything becomes much harder.

It is also the case that most of our ‘bad habits’ are part of this drive.  We look for comfort, or instant gratification and can spend our whole lives just trying to feel good by grabbing quick feel-goods.  Whether we are abusing alcohol, gambling, overeating, smoking, or any other behaviour that affords us an illusory sense of well-being, our behaviour is being motivated by a drive to protect ourselves rather than express ourselves.

Our insatiable acquisitory behaviour is also part of our drive to protect ourselves.  We can readily be motivated by that new car, new house, new trinket with an endless supply of stuff that promises us some sense of achievement.

Even our desire to be famous is part of our drive to protect ourselves from irrelevance.

It is perfectly possible to lead a life dedicated to protecting ourselves, chasing fame and fortune while at the same time avoiding becoming who we really are.

Our drive to express ourselves on the other hand, makes us want to risk emerging from behind our defences in order to express our potential.

You are extraordinary.

The success of your life will be the extent to which you have contained your drive to protect yourself.  Your ultimate challenge is to rise about your drive to hide from life in order that you might express who you really are.

Who we become and what we achieve with our lives will be a synthesis of our drive to protect ourselves and our drive to express ourselves.  All our lives we will struggle with a desire to hide behind our defences and a drive to rise above our fear and express who we are.  The synthesis of this conflict will be the ultimate effect of your life.

Mind Management Mastery is dedicated to helping you become who you can become.  Our drive to protect ourselves far out-powers our drive to express ourselves and therefore it is only through a process of mind management that we can strive to express who we are.

To become a Mind Management Master you need to complete the four foundations of mind management mastery.


These four foundations are based on the work of Epicurius, an ancient Greek philosopher who spent his life exploring what it takes to be happy.

Foundation 1:  MIND MANAGEMENT

Mind Management Mastery is first and foremost mindful. The process has to start with taking charge of your mind.  A client of mine who suffers from severe anxiety said to me one day, “It’s my mind, why can’t I tell it what to do?”  In this course you will practice telling your mind where to go.  You spend two weeks taking charge of your mind.  For  two weeks you concentrate on focusing your attention, staying calm, acting deliberately avoiding impulsive behaviour and taking charge of any bad habits you might have developed.  You start be completing an assessment of your depression, anxiety and stress levels.  Then each day you focus all your attention on managing your mind.  In the evening you report your progress, psycho-dissect your mind control and do some readings.  At the end of the course you complete another assessment so we can assess your progress.

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Foundation 2:  Belonging

Epicurius formed one of the first known communes in recorded history.  He argued that in order to be happy we need to take charge of our minds, to belong and to practice freedom from attachment.   While the first foundation focuses on developing our prefrontal cortex so that reason rather than emotion governs our behaviour, if we stop our development there we can become enslaved in a barren world, trapped in our self obsession.  We are part of a process, it is a complex process, and includes significant suffering but it is also a glorious process and when we connect with each other we can become considerably more powerful and way happier than we can ever be hiding away behind our defences.      The Belonging foundation uses the Gestalt notions of having authentic relationships.  In order to belong we need to have an authentic relationship with ourselves, with others and with our environment.  In this course you will deal with social anxiety, self esteem problems and practice assertive communication.  MMM Belonging is a 14 day course.  It builds on the skills learned in Foundation 1 and therefore Foundation 1 is a pre-requisite.  Like Foundation 1, the course starts and ends with a psychological assessment and includes a coach to give you feedback.

Foundation 3:  Freedom

The freedom in mind management mastery is concerned with freedom from attachment.  We do not wait to be free from problems to be powerful and happy, we practice freedom of attachment to our problems.  We can spend a whole life time waiting for something to happen so that we can be free to enjoy ourselves.  We can wait to be loved, we can wait to be rich, we can wait to famous and in that process we can suddenly find that we have got old and then we can wonder if we missed the point.  Or we can practice freedom from attachment.  Foundation 1 and 2 are prerequisites for this course.

Foundation 4:  Expression

The fourth foundation is concerned with expressing ourselves.  We practice mind management to allow ourselves to live according to our potential rather than as a reaction to our fears.  Imagine being free to be who you are.  Imagine bursting with the joy of life and being free to be your most glorious self.  The final foundation focuses on expressing who you are.


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