There are four foundations  to mind management mastery.  Each of these foundations has an associated course which is conducted by email.

Each course is a stand alone course.  You need to do the courses consecutively if you choose to do more than one but you pay for one at a time and can choose if and when you want to do the next one.

Foundation One:  Mind Control

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Your ability to express who you are starts with mind management.    Like an athlete training their body, in this course you will train your mind.  With as much discipline as you can muster, you will take charge of your mind ensuring that your thinking is useful, that you are calm, that you know what is motivating your behaviour and that you are in charge of any bad habits you may have developed.  Start with an assessment of your depression, anxiety and stress levels.  Practice mind management during the day.  Report your progress each evening, psycho-dissect where your mind has been and do some readings.  End the course with a levels check so we can compare your progress.

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Foundation Two: Belonging

This is a fourteen day course with a focus on building an authentic relationship with yourself, with others and the environment.  In this course we look at your relationship with your self, others and the environment which includes your self-esteem, self confidence, communication, assertiveness, social anxiety and your ability to connect with others and the environment.

Foundation Three:  Freedom from Attachment

Coming Soon: This five day course focuses on taking charge of unhealthy attachments to people, places and things so that you can be defined by who you are rather than by others, by your problems or your desires.  Freedom is something we often think we will get when the world changes to our advantage.  We can spend our lives working towards goals thinking that at some point we will be free to live.  What can easily happen is that we just get older and die.  Freedom of attachment is about taking charge of the process so that we disengage from attachment in order to be free which means an ability to achieve freedom now.

Foundation Four:  Expression

Coming Soon:  This is a five day course with the focus on having the courage to express who you are.  The potential of a human being is phenomenal, we each have incredible abilities.  Unfortunately it is also the case that we are less than who we could be.  This course focuses on expressing who you are by living according to your potential.

The courses are written by Anne Sacco, a clinical psychologist from Tweed Heads on the North Coast of NSW in Australia.


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