Mind Management Mastery Certification Course


To manage the quality of your life.  An internal locus of control affords us calm, peace and the ability to generate joy from within regardless of our circumstances. An external locus of control renders our lives unmanageable, with labile moods and an endless need to source external comfort.

To manage the power of your life.  With mind management you can lead a purposeful life. Mind Management affords us the opportunity of being in charge of the direction of our lives. Mind Management allows us to make our lives count.

With mind management you can love the life you live and live the life you believe.


The greatest thing you can do for yourself is to get your own house in order.   Your first job is to sort yourself out.

It may be that the circumstances you confront are difficult, it is possible that your life is so complicated that it feels that all you can do is get by each day but if you don’t stop at some point and take charge of your inner experiences then it may well be that life will bounce you around for the rest of your life, that you will never get ahead of the game in order to set your own direction and generate your own happiness.

Mind Management masters are in charge of their minds. They moderate their mood and stress levels, they maximise their available energy, they deliberately generate a joyful state of being and they focus on maximising the effectiveness of their lives. They have authentic relationships with themselves, with others and their environment. Regardless of your circumstances, with mind management mastery you can achieve this state of being.

Imagine living a life where you are in charge of your moods rather than bounced around by them. Imagine a life where you have energy to do what you want to do. Imagine a life where you can generate a state of joy regardless of your circumstances. Imagine a life where you feel connected to yourself, to others and to your environment. Finally, and probably most importantly, imagine a life where you can make your life count. With Mind Management Mastery you can transform your life. You can take over the reins of your life to make sure that you love the life you live and live the life you believe in.

The way of achieving this life is relatively simple. There are thousands of self-help books, endless amount of literature, most, if not all, of which come down to very similar concepts of how to live a powerful and happy life. Unfortunately much of this literature is replete with hyperbole or religiosity. Unfounded promises, cliché’s, mysterious secrets that will be revealed (when you have paid), magic and notions that require you to suspend your intelligence and adopt a particular way of life that will supposedly lead to happiness ever after. The actual substance of all of these promises, the meat in the sandwich, however, all leads to one thing: mind management. It is not mysterious, it is not even complicated. We cannot change our circumstances, we cannot fix life, we cannot alter nature, that which is given to us is given and that which is part of nature is unchangeable. Our only power is through the lens of our lives. What we can do is to take charge of the way we perceive and respond to life. We can use our minds in a powerful way to take charge of our moods, to generate our own happiness and to maximise the effectiveness of our lives. It is possible to do this and it is not hard to understand how to do it. All roads lead to Rome.

While it is not hard to understand what to do, it is the doing of it that complicates the situation. How wonderful it would be to love the life you live and live the life you believe. The problem is in the application. On one level it is simple to understand and simple to do but incredibly hard to sustain.

Mind Management Mastery is set up to help sustain your motivation to do what you need to do in order to enjoy your life and make it count.

The course is comprised of five core modules and three electives. Each module has an associated practice which you apply for seven days. Each evening you report your progress online, and design a plan for the next day, selecting various activities that will facilitate your objectives. Each evening your work is submitted to your personal coach. In the morning you will receive your response report. By living the life you believe you will start to see the differences, breaking bad habits and building healthy ones, feeling empowered and hopefully delighted that you have access to such an affordable, life changing course. No tricks, no gimmicks, no damned cliché’s, no doctrinal adherence, just solid foundations, based on a good knowledge of how to train your brain to do what you want it to do.

Course requirements

You need to complete all five core modules. There are also five optional electives. The modules can be done in any order. You will need access to the internet in the morning and afternoon/evening.


Enrol and complete an online assessment which will give us levels to measure your progress. Plan your day according to day’s objectives and report back in the evening. The following day receive a response report from your personal coach and then come back in the evening to report your progress and plan your next day. At the end of the course repeat the online assessment and receive your certificate of mind management mastery.


The course is self-evaluated. You estimate your own level of mastery at the end of each module. To achieve certification, an average mastery level of 70% is required for the whole course. Courses can be repeated as often as you like within 12 months in order to achieve mastery.


The course must be completed within 12 months. Each module is comprised of seven core units.  The electives have a varying number of units. The units can be done at your own rate but it is highly desirable to do one every evening.  Each module can be done at your own rate. The minimum time to complete a core unit is seven days.


Each module costs $35 and is purchased as you use them. So you only pay for what you use.

Course Modules

Core Modules

MMM for mood management (7 units)

MMM for mind management (7 units)

MMM for energy generation (7 units)

MMM for joy generation (7 units)

MMM for making your life count (7 units)


Elective Modules

MMM for overeaters (14 units)

MMM for tobacco dependence (11 units)

MMM for alcohol dependence (14 units)

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