Click on the MMM COURSE your are doing, eg.,  THINKING

Click on ‘My course’.

Complete Day 1 between 4pm and 9pm.  (You can complete it later but then your coach may not be able to look at your work until the next morning).

Receive feedback from your MMM coach in the morning.

Come back tomorrow afternoon/evening and do Day 2.

Each course also has it’s own ‘Community’ page for registered users.  So if during the day you want to share or discuss any aspect of mind management mastery, then other mind management masters are probably going to be glad to hear from you.  The obvious standards apply:  speak from your own experiences, be supportive but don’t swear, abuse, or advise others please.

This course is essentially about establishing a practice.  All the knowledge in the world on its own will not bring about mind management mastery.  You may have had the experience of attending a course and being quite inspired and then not long after not being able to recall what it was about.  This course is about deciding how you want to live and then living the life you believe.  By putting into practice your mind management mastery skills you will have the opportunity of training your brain to live a life that enables your happiness and success and does not allow self-doubt, depression, anxiety, problems with self esteem, unrealistic expectations, stress or even the problems that you face in your life to disable your ability to live an effective and happy life.

The course requires a commitment from you.  It is enormously powerful if you are able to give it your dedicated attention so try to clear some space in your life for laying the foundations for a successful and happy future.

This course is best done in conjunction with therapy.  It is essential to note that this course does not constitute either diagnosis or treatment of psychological disorders on its own.  Individual counselling is not available.  You will have a MMM coach who will follow your progress and after you have completed each prac-sheet your coach will give you feedback but we cannot provide individual counselling.   MMM is however a very useful adjunct to therapy.  It can significantly increase the effectiveness of therapy.  Some psychologists may be happy to work with you on this programme.  In this case they can contact us to get further information.  It is recommended that if you are suffering from a psychological disorder that you see a qualified therapist at least once a month while you are doing this course.   With their consent, you can forward them a copy of your daily response reports or you can take a copy of your reports to your sessions.

The course is written by Anne Sacco, a clinical psychologist from Tweed Heads on the North Coast of NSW in Australia.

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